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    Replace edit with timecode sync



      I'm having trouble with replace edit where I want the in/out point of the new clip to match the in/out point of the clip on the timeline timecode wise. Using Alt-drag to replace obviously doesn't do that since it puts the in point at the begning of the new(replacing) clip. Using Shift-Alt drag was what I thought would achieve what I'm trying to do instead it either sets the in/out point at shifted point on the new clip or says "not enough head material to match frame".

      I'm basically trying to process clips from the edit in AE, render the parts I'm using in the edit(by looking at the in/out timecode in PPro) plus a few handles and then replace the original clips in PPro for finishing.

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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          [r]Evolution Level 1

          Hope this helps your workflow:

          - From your Premiere Pro Timeline... right-click the clip you want to alter in AE and select "Replace w/ AE Composition".

          - This will load the clip in AE where you can alter/edit it.

          - When you hit "Save" in AE, the changes will be reflected in Premiere (timecode will remain spot on)

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            icon-ap Level 1

            Yes thank you,  I'm aware of this feature and was using it in the past however if you want to do roundtriping between AE and other software before bringing in the clips to PPro for finishing this approach is very limited .Not to mention that Adobe DL is very slow and causes some issues with certain plugins in AE. Also DL doesn't work for intra-clip effects e.g. special effects transitions(impossible match on action that involves camera tracking for example)...ideally bringing the whole edit as is and then adding all the layer precomps to the render queue is much more convenient that using DL comps in PPro.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I think the problem may be that the clip processed in AE might have some handles relative to the portion used in the PP sequence, but is not the same duration as the original clip, which is what would be needed for this to work.  You will probably have to match frames manually for the replace.

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                icon-ap Level 1

                Yes definetly, If the new clip is the same size of the clip in the edit(as in the same size of the in-out portion of the original clip) then alt-drag, or replace from bin works perfectly. What I'm doing is replacing the original in-out portion of the clip in the timeline with a smaller version, except this smaller version has a few more frames than the original part of the original clip. So for example, if the original clip is 100 frames long and I'm using 50 frames on the edit timeline, I'm replacing those 50 frames with a 60 frames render of the same section(that is the original used 50 frames + 5 frames before and after).


                Are you then saying that alt-drag and alt-shift drag would never work in this situation? The thing is the time codes on the rendered clip and original clip are identical(that is if I'm using frames 25-75 from the original file, my new smaller clip starts at frame 20 and end at frame 80, the time code is identical there is just no frames before 20 and after 80). It's easy enough to copy paste and in and out points timecodes from the source monitor to the new smaller clip but as you can imagine this is time consuming if you have a large number of clips, so I'm surprised there is no way to automate that. What does the alt-shift drag replace do if not that?