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    VC-1 codec not supported? Advice on converting m2ts file to supported format


      I think maybe Premiere Pro does not support VC-1 encoding. True? False?


      There is a favorite old film of mine I wanted to 'fix' by adding the original soundtrack (the remix is horrible) plus the original ending (removed for all Western versions).


      Unfortunately the m2ts file crashes Premiere Pro every time I try to import it.


      I've been looking at solutions to convert the video to something useable, but so far no luck. It's a 1080p/24 m2ts and obviously I want to keep the quality as is and not degrade it.


      Anyway, I thought someone here might have the answer.


      I have Adobe CS5 Production Premium and I am on a PC.


      I do have DVDfab on my system, if that can be used to convert/transcode. I've no idea.