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    dynamic icons in tree?

      Apparently, there are Flex objects like buttons or trees that have the ability to include an icon with the text, but this icon must be embedded in the swf file, i.e. it's not possible to call a URL for the icon object during runtime.
      I read a blog by Ben Stucki about this issue and he came up with a complex solution that would allow to pass a Class reference to the icon "property" of the Flex component.

      Sadly, this does not seem to work with trees. Although there's a possibility to have a dedicated "iconFunction", I don't see a possibility to pass back an object that will actually display my at-run-time-via-source-URL-referenced icon (I've got an XML tree structure of objects with an "image" property that holds the URL of the image to be displayed with the object).

      Is there no way to include icons in a tree that are defined at run-time?