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    How can I detect when a TransformGestureEvent is completed?

    leapdog Level 1

      I am doing some simple finger tracking on mobile using MouseEvent but I'm also incorporating a TransformGestureEvent (ZOOM) in the app.


      I have both types of listeners running simultaneously and am getting unwanted results because both handlers are triggered during a zoom.  I need to be able to temporarily bypass my MouseEvent tracking while the user is zooming.

      I'm acheiving this with a isZooming boolean flag which I can set to "true" from inside the TranformGestureEvent.ZOOM handler.   I need to be able to set my isZooming flag back to "false" when the user is no longer zooming, but how do I know when a TransformGestureEvent is finished?


      Is there some kind of equivalent to the MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP event for the TransformGestureEvents?