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    value for DispatcherUseProcessedURL




      Do you know what is recommended value for DispatcherUseProcessedURL in dispatcher configuration ?

      Just one day before deployment I found that our infrastructure provider uses default settings and this value is set to 0

      and it differs from our dev env

      As a results

      - apache rewrite rules don't work and I've written a few

      - home page for www.yourdomain.com is not cached as uri / is passed to CQ5 by dispatcher



      Then provided by Adobe sample dispatcher.any configuration  has no sense at all



      /0001 { /type "deny" /glob "*" }

      /0023 { /type "allow" /glob "/content*}



      as dispatecher sends short url to the cq5. It won't work.

      And for for homepage redirection has to be set to www.yourdomain.com/home.html which is ugly

      I've already fix it but maybe  you have any tips how to do it right ?

      PS Sorry I'm just angry and tired of cq5 bugs and bad design