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    Alt-F9 not captured in Word 2003

      Hi, I'm trying out Captivate 3. I'm new to Captivate, but not to authoring, and I took a Captivate course about 6 months ago.

      My problem is that I'm trying to capture a Word 2003 procedure that includes the keystroke combination Alt-F9 (toggle field codes). Captivate appears to freeze when I press that keystroke combination. It doesn't capture it, and I can't continue - I have to end the recording session to get out of it.

      Alt-F9 is not listed as a Captivate key shortcut. Does anyone know what's going on, or have a work-around?


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          MarionJ2 Level 1
          Replying to my own question here, in case others are interested in the solution.

          Although Alt-F9 is not used as a Captivate keyboard shortcut, F9 is, and apparently it was causing a conflict. I changed the F9 shortcut to F2, and all was well.
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Thanks MarionJ2, for passing that along to others.

            I would add that the Captivate shortcuts might also ignore the Control key (CTRL), so if function-key F9 or any other keyboard key is duplicated in the target application in combination with either the ALT key or the CTRL key, you might want to change the Captivate shortcut prior to recording.

            Good catch!!