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    Installation problem - Mac OS X


      I'm running the most current version of Mac OS X, and trying to install the latest Adobe Flash Player update for Firefox. It downloads just fine, but the installation stalls. It says that Safari is running and needs to be closed, but Safari is most certainly NOT running. I don't use Safari at all, and when I look at the Activity Monitor, it's not showing up to allow me to force quit the application. Any suggestions?


      I even tried downloading the latest version for Safari, but I get the same error...

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          Pretty much the same here.

          Although I am installing the Flash Player for Safari. It is definitely not open. Even tried quitting all applications other than the installer, still no joy.


          Safari 6.0.4

          Mac OS 10.8.3

          Download file: AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller_11au_aih.dmg


          Screen grab of error mesage below.


          Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 21.49.26.png