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    1 word of text, 1 color, missing when making gif

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      I have a PSD file. It has multiple layers featuring the same placed Illustrator file at different scales and positions.

      I placed the illustrator file once and duplicated that first layer mutiple times before scaling and moving.

      The placed file includes 3 words of text and a vector logo. 1 word is white.


      I then open the PSD file in Fireworks and export each layout as a gif by turning layers on and off. The text is visible in 4 of the 6 exports. In one the white word dissapears whenever I select gif in 'image preview' It is not just the preview, it really does not save in the gif. The gif pallette shows no white or lighter edge colors. As I said this happens in only one position.

      The layers are all exact duplicates except for scaling.


      I deleted the layer in Phostoshop and made a new one with slightly different scale and position. Same result. I flattened the image in Phostoshop and opened that in Fireworks, same result.

      I saved it as a bitmap from Phostoshop and opened that in Fireworks, same result.

      What could be happening to make the white just dissapear in one gif?


      I have uploaded the 5 gifs where the word should be visible, as you can see the word "innocent" appears in 4 of them. In the second it just vanishes on voversion to gif. It is saved as 256 color adaptive which it must be for upload in WordPress.


      It is visible in bmp, pdf, png until you convert to gif. The full PSD file if is too big to upload here. You can download it here http://gasolicious.com/questions/banners_2160x500.psd


      I am using CS6. I updated Fireworks, no change. (I also tested in Fireworks CS5 and have the same problem)








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          groove25 Level 4

          Unfortunately, I wasn't able to download your PSD file successfully. Here are a few ideas:

          • You can save GIFs directly from both Photoshop and Illustrator, without the need for Fireworks (if that helps).
          • Instead of a GIF, you could try PNG-8, a very similar indexed color format.
          • I found that if I had white text selected on the canvas when I opened Image Preview, and then played around with the Matte color (changing it from None to White), I could accidentally get the text to disappear. Somehow, my actions were setting the text's fill to None within the main interface.
          • I'd suggest converting your text to outlines before exporting, to see if this fixes the problem. However, it sounds like you're trying a variety of techniques, including flattening to a bitmap, so this may not help.


          If the GIF palette is showing you no white or lighter colors, first double-check the file itself: Is the white text still visible? If it is, then maybe try adding the color manually into the GIF palette using the "Add color" button. Or you could try saving a palette from one of the GIFs and loading into the GIF that's giving you problems (there's a fly-out menu for this just above the Format dropdown menu).


          Add color.png

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            mgason Level 1


            thanks for the reply, it was a very weird issue. I had tried building a custom pallette but it seemed a clunky solution.

            I did break the text apart in illustrator and re-import it. That fixed the issue.

            I guess it falls into the odd unlikely to happen again bug category!