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    Performance boost with ATI 5870?


      Hello Everyone,


      I was at the apple store today and with several problems occurring with my machine, they offered as compensation to upgrade my existing 5770 to an ATI 5870 for no extra cost.


      For my video editing needs (adobe premiere pro, Final cut x) and my 3d/visual effects needs (adobe after effects, cinema 4d) will i see a noticeable performance boost with the upgraded card?


      I was looking at purchasing the GTX 680 in a couple months but since I received this upgrade for free I should just hold off for a bit in hopes that I will see a performance boost in my above applications? (I know it doesn't support Cuda cores, so idk how it will greatly benefit my workflow..


      Specifically i hope to maximize perofmace in after effects, but the lack of cuda cores may be getting me no where after reading up on this subject for quite some time now.


      The machine is at apple getting work done, so I thought I would see everyone's thoughts prior to receiving my machine back




      12-core 2.4ghz (2.67 turbo boost)

      40gb ram

      120ssd boot/applications drive

      1tb scratch drive

      ATI radeon 5870



      Thanks in advance!