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    Adobe Digital Editions

    Julia Francesca Bickers

      We are having trouble with Adobe Digital Editions automatically launching when we try to download a book from our public library.  The books go into Adobe Reader in an acsm format which our computer does not recognised.  Can you advise how to make sure Adobe Digital Reader launches automatically.  Thanks

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          sjpt Level 4

          I'm assuming Windows not Mac.  There must me a similar thing on Mac, but not sure of the details.

          1. Find a .acsm file in Windows Explorer.
          2. Right click on it.
          3. Choose 'Open With'
          4. select 'Choose Default Program'
          5. find Adobe Digital Editions. 
          6. If it is not on the list, you will need 'browser for application' or similar (varies with Windows Version).  Probably at
            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 2.0\DigitalEditions.exe
          7. Click OK a couple of times.


          At least one person recently had problems with this (on Windows 7 I think), which just consistently ignored the instructions.

          The more recent versions of Windows do seem to have a bug that sometimes makes setting up the default OpenWith unreliable.


          Alternatively, you could also try reinstalling Adobe Digital Editions (probably no need to uninstall first).



          If you can't get filetype registration to work for automatic open, you can open .acsm files in ADE by drag-drop from Explorer.

          (because of bad ADE design, ctrl-O open won't work for .acsm files)