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    How to upload images to Facebook from PSE


      I am forced to go to Revel and pay more for having gone over my backup limit. A scam!

      Then, I notice that all the edits I make to MY pictures are not reflected in the pics in "My Pictures" on the hard drive. I have used Adobe products for years. This sucks!

      I had planned to upload a bunch of pics to a Facebook album this evening, and find I can not. Looks like Photoshop has been rendered incapable of performing its key function.

      Is there something I am doing wrong?


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          Andromeda14 Pioneer

          Please find my response to your queries inline:

          'I am forced to go to Revel and pay more for having gone over my backup limit. A scam!' - For a free user the limit is 50 uploads per month. If you exceed this limit then you need to purchase a subscription (in order to continue uploading more images onto Revel). Though during this period you can edit/delete/download your images from Revel.


          ' I notice that all the edits I make to MY pictures are not reflected in the pics in "My Pictures" on the hard drive.' - The edits made in Revel are saved on Revel cloud (Oz cloud). To get the edits on your hard drive, you need to export the 'Current version' onto hard drive.


          Could you please elaborate about your Facebook workflow?

          Please let me know if you need more clarity on any issue.



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            BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

            I will attempt to export the "current version"...tho Photoshop is so non-intuitive that I would have appreciated an explanation of how to do this.

            Facebook workflow?

            So...you do not know how albums are created on Facebook ...and you call yourself a photo editing company. Basically you highlight the photos you want uploaded in My Pictures and they are uploaded to Facebook en masse.

            All I am trying to do with Photoshop elements is to edit the photos on my hard drive before uploading them. I do not want or need "cloud backup".  I do not want or need to pay you more $ for the privilege. There are a lot of editing fish in the sea. So unless I get a real explanation of that is going on...I will switch to Picassa or some other.

            Sad...because photoshop is a very powerful editing tool . I think you must have too many software engineers employed making changes willy nilly...forgeting what the product is designed to do.

            At the very least there should be an "old school" button to go back to the tried and true...tho I must say, I have had probelems with the old version as well. It no longer recognises photos that have already been uploaded resulting in multiple copies being saved. A waste.

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              BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

              OK...maybe I am too stupid for photoshop...but I find nothing in Elements that says "Export current version". How does one do this?? (Without buying a  3 inch thick book explaining how to use Elements?)

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                Andromeda14 Pioneer

                There is a misunderstanding between my reply and the original issue. My previous reply was in regard that you are using Revel app and you want to download the original. (Export current version option is there on Revel not on Organizer).


                But it appears that you are using PSE for communicating with Revel. For detailed steps on how to import/export image to/fro Revel using Organizer, please visit: http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/elements-organizer/using/revel.html

                Once you have the images in Organizer, you can share them on Facebook is same way as you do for local files. Please let me know if I missed something.



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                  BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

                  I will try this...thank you.

                  Is there some way I can turn Revel off? Get rid of it?

                  Adobe simply notified me that all my photos were going to be stored there. I did not seem to have a choice.

                  I do not use apps on phone devises or have any particular need for "portability".

                  I do take a lot of photos at times. (50/month is a laugh).

                  I find no advantage whatever to Revel...just another layer of commands to perform when trying to simply edit photos. It looks very much to me like a scheme to extract monthly payments. 

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                    BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

                    Andromeda (whatever).

                    I am unable to find how to get my edits to my hard drive "My pictures" with

                    the above instructions. There is no mention of Revel in PSE,,,,

                    I am planning to delete PSE and get on with my life with a new functional

                    editor... PSE is useless if it can not edit photos and have the changes

                    appear in a useful usable way.

                    I should be able to edit photos and have the changes appear in My Pictures

                    with no "import/export" commands.

                    Why have you ruined my photo editor?

                    Too bad.

                    My Facebook friends are already noting that they will henceforward avoid

                    Elements. PSE will go the way of AMIGA and the Dodo...

                    Bill Monroe

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                      ssprengel Mythic

                      PSE is a very capable and functional photo editor. 


                      You may be put off by the Organizer so just use the Editor portion, itself.


                      Open My Pictures in Explorer, find the thumbnail f a picture you want to edit and do right-click, Open with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, then do whatever you want to do in the editor, then use File / Save As… to create a new copy with your edits, or File / Save to overwrite your original with your editor version.


                      Alternatively you can start up the Adobe Photoshop Element 11 and then choose Editor, then use File / Open and browse to your pictures, and then the rest will be the same as above.

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                        BillinMidMO1 Newcomer


                        i appreciate your loyalty, but here is the deal.

                        For years, I have imported pics into my computer with PSE  and then gone

                        thru the pics to use "Fix"  to correct contrast and color and crop. Very

                        fast . Very efficient.  I bought it and have upgraded it over the years

                        specifically for "Organizer". The current version I have is elements 10.

                        I rarely use Editor which I find to be very complex with indeciferable

                        icons and commands. I looked over the Photoshop books at Barnes and Noble

                        over the weekend. HUGE books. That says a lot.

                        You are telling me that Organizer no longer works.

                        I want my old program back. Is there a way to disable this Revel


                        Bill Monroe

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                          ssprengel Mythic

                          Photoshop.com is the old cloud storage.


                          Revel is the new cloud storage.


                          Your hard drive is where your photos start out on.


                          Where is “My Pictures” relative to these three places for storage?

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                            BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

                            To speff it out for you, " Pictures" is the Microsoft operating system

                            designation for photos on the hard drive.

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                              ssprengel Mythic

                              What does Revel have to do with anything, then? 


                              What is happening differently with Organizer that doesn’t let you Fix pictures on your local drive like you always have? 


                              When I start up my PSE10, I see Organize and Edit buttons on the left and when I click Organize it lets me Fix things like normal.  Sure there is a big to-do about Revel on the righthand side, wanting me to know that Photoshop.com is going away and Revel is taking its place, but that doesn’t affect me using Organizer.

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                                BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

                                The problem...one more time...is that the edits I make in Organizer and

                                Elements are visible there...but when I go to My Pictures...the edits have

                                not happened. Did you check the hard drive of whatever you are using? Is it

                                Windows 7?

                                The work I do in organizer, stays in organizer and is not sent to the hard

                                drive...so what is the point?

                                Before the appearance of Revel...this was not a problem. That is why I am

                                blaming Revel.

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                                  BillinMidMO1 Newcomer

                                  I see the title of this thread , which used to be "Revel Fail?!" has been changed to make it appear to be about how to upload to Facebook. Clever of you.