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    NSURL references in crash reports (was: link alias files in indesign)

    Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP



      I've noticed in several of the Crash logs posted on pastebin and referenced here that there are references to (NSURL) at about thread 25 or 26. I'll see if I can find one of the logs.

      Here's one with the problem in thread 31



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Hi, Larry:


          I'm confused, how is this relevant?

          This thread isn't about crashing...what's the problem you're trying to solve? Perhaps we could do this in a different thread?


          NSURL is the part of Cocoa that deals with URLs. And in Cocoa, filesystem references are URLs (file:///path/to/whatever), so NSURL references appear in just about every program, healthy or otherwise. The crash log you posted has InDesign crashing in Package and Preflight (in thread 0). It so happens that thread 31 is a

          com.apple.NSURLConnectionLoader thread, and seems to be doing something with regard to URLs.


          But that's not exceptional and I'm not sure why it is interesting?


          Generally speaking most of the 30-odd threads in any InDesign crash report aren't interesting. Just the actual thread that crashed and maybe a few others that might have something to do with why it crashed.

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            Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Thanks, John. I just hadn't noticed the reference to the NSURL before when going over the crash logs. Occasionally there have been other threads besides the 0 thread that have had crash data and I didn't know if this might have been one of them. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              I've branched this thread off from the original (link alias files in indesign), since I think it's better on its own.