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    CFC Mapping File Location

      I've looked through a lot of forum postings on location issues and haven't found any that helped so here's my sad story. We're trying to place CFC's in the same directory as the calling CFM using autosuggest (and other Ajax-type calls). We know the problem is to do with our mapping of directories, just can't figure out the magical right values.

      CF (8)'s default directory is /usr/local/apache/htdocs. Within apache we do the mapping to our application directories, so /htdocs points to /devel/application/. CF is normally unaware of the mapping and that's never been a problem before now.

      So in /devel/application/test.cfm we have:
      <cfinput type='text' name='uid' autosuggest="cfc:test1.lookup({cfautosuggestvalue})">
      We put the CFC in the same directory (/devel/application/test1.cfc)

      When doing the above the page compiles/displays but when we get to the auto suggest we get a CFC not found message. If I call the CFC directly (/htdocs/test1.cfc) it returns fine, including showing the heirarchy as htdocs.test1.

      Tried a variety of things, many suggestions in other posts, all with the same not found results:

      Changed autosuggest to full OS path: autosuggest="cfc:devel.application.test1.lookup({cfautosuggestvalue})">

      Changed autosuggest to full web path: autosuggest="cfc:htdocs.test1.lookup({cfautosuggestvalue})">

      Placed the CFC in an existing Custom Tags path

      Added /devel/application to the Custom Tags path

      Made a CF mapping of /devel = /devel/application and changed autosuggest to: autosuggest="cfc:devel.test1.lookup({cfautosuggestvalue})">

      Removed the mapping within Apache and put it just in CF Mappings.

      Added a symbolic link (this is a Unix server) for /devel/application to /usr/local/apache/htdocs/devel

      It does work if we put the CFC in the /usr/local/apache/htdocs (that's the default CF directory), but of course we don't want that solution. What we'd like is to do is leave the CFC in the same directory as the CFM (or even move it around a bit maybe).

      I know I'm missing the obvious answer...
      Thanks in advance,