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    iTunes Sync: Failed to install app


      Hello everyone, I am unable to install my mobile app that I am compliling with Flash Builder 4.6. I triple checked all of my iOS settings which are as follows:


      1. Certificate (Dev)
      2. Provisioning File (Dev)
      3. Exported certificate to p12 format
      4. Device set up and good to go
      5. Set up my mobile project with flash builder
      6. Can test it fine when using emmulator
      7. I can package without any errors


      The problem is when I drag the .ipa file into itunes and sync, it begins to install and at around 95% I get an error Itunes Sync: App failed to install.

      Would appreciate any help on this problem.



      OS Specs: OSX 10.8.3

      iOS Specs: iPad 2

      iOS version: 6.1.3