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    IOS Google Maps


      Hi all.


      I developed an application using google maps. Doing the test on the simulator IOS everything worked. But installing the application on your apple device maps are not loading. I tried to update and flash builder and air at 3.7 to 4.7 but still does not work.

      You have no idea how to get around this?


      Flash Builder 4.7
      AIR 3.7

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          Are you using the Google Maps Flash API? If you are using it it will not work on iOS because Apple does not allow to load swf files after and App is initialised and the API makes use of this handling.

          You can work with the StageWebView or take a look at the eskimo lib developed by people-in-action. They have a GMap component which uses the StageWebView to communicate with a google maps html site via actionscript -  javascript communication (https://github.com/People-in-action/eskimo).