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    XML AS2 menu/gallery

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      Hi there


      would someone be able to direct me to a Tutorial / 'How to'  of how to create an XML/AS2 Gallery. I'm just after a basic gallery/menu,

      3 images across horiztonal that load in from xml and 3 down vertcal with a slide to show more if there are more images within the XML

      equally spaced apart.


      I would like the images that load in to be clickable and a pop up appears when clicked, here would be a little text nformation and

      image and a URL button to click to.



      heres is an example I have seen in AS3, something on the lines of this; http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_251_content_grid


      Many thanks for any help!

      : )


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are not likely to find a tutorial that does everything you want - it could be hard just to find one that does a part of it.  Your best bet will be to start by finding a tutorial for loading content via an xml file and then work things out from there.


          The sliding aspect could be resolved by placing all of the loaded images into movieclips and placxe those into a single container movieclip that you can move back and forth with whatever control you devise.


          By placing the images into movieclips you can then assign mouse interaction to them so that you can click them to have your popup appear.


          The popup could be another movieclip who's content get's rewritten as needed and who's visibility is controlled via the clicking

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            DK1120 Level 1

            Hey there, thanks for the reply, will start with xml then