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    Eraser tools with Wacom tablets


      Would like to add improvement to assit drawing in Photoshop


      1. flipping wacom pen to pressure sensitive eraser

           photoshop switch to eraser tools, but the top menu did not switch to eraser properties


           * would like switching to eraser tip, top menu also change to eraser options together,

           when flipping back to pen's tip, photoshop auto switch back to previous tool options


           this implies current workflow would be drawing and erasing with toolbox or shortcut B, E

           together with wacom pen tip rather than quick switch to eraser side.

           (if you need to change eraser options)



      2.  Photoshop CS5, CS6 for windows, while using wacom eraser tip to change

           Size or Hardness slide bars from the top, would remove the integer number inside the dialog,

           it causes a dialog would pop up with


           "An integer between 1 pixel and 5000 Pixels is

           required. Closest value inserted."


           Click OK and popup will disappear, Size/Hardness would be filled with correct selected number again,

           it is troublesome, as size and hardness changes a lot while drawing. have to

           keep clicking OK on every changes.


           Please fix this problem.


           (on screen opacity and flow slidebars works fine)


           Same changes to Size/Hardness slide bar work with normal pen tips side,

           and if using pen tips alone, (not using eraser tip)

           it is wonderful with new brush size & color picker shortcut added from CS5


      #2 has been tested in mac version photoshop CS4,

           both Size and Hardness slider works fine without problem.



      #1 + #2 made me work with pen tip + hot keys B,E all the time,

           eraser side is almost not in use,

           except erasing with the same size & hardness from last used


           would really want to speed up the drawing with eraser tip being more useful in photshop


      thank you