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    LrDialogs.messageWithDoNotShow does not show "do not show" checkbox (LR4.4)

    Olli H.



      I am trying to use the LrDialogs.messageWithDoNotShow dialog. The dialog shows up and presents the correct message, etc. but there is no "Don't show it again" checkbox. It appears to be a regular LrDialogs.message. Same with LrDialogs.promptForActionWithDoNotShow. I've tested it on Windows and Mac. Is there a known problem with that dialog in LR4 or am I simply missing something? Here is my code:



              title = TOOL_NAME,

              message = "Please save the metadata for the selected photos to disk before using the plugin.",

              info = "\'Metadat > Save to file\'",

              style = "warning",

              actionKeyPref = 'initialSaveMessageDisabled',



      Thanks for any tipps!