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    Please help me retrieve my photos.


      Hi, please help! 


      I have recently found a few hundred photos in a trial version of adobe photoshop album starter edition 3.0.   I understand that this program has been discontinued.  I used this program to import/download pictures directly from my camera, so I cannot find them anywhere in 'My Pictures'.  What I would like to know is there some way of retrieving my precious photos?  Can I get an unlock code to access the photos and move them to a current file?  Or is there another adobe program I can download to retrieve these pictures?

      It is so frustrating being able to see these pictures are stored in the computer, however I am unable to access or retrieve them!

      Thank you in advance.

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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          What you see is a low resolution remnant of the original files, not the files themselves. When a photo is 'imported' into the program, a small thumbnail is drawn, and cached to the database; if the original source files were moved or deleted, then all that remains are the low resolution remnants, not the files themselves.


          There have been a few that have figured out how to open the Starter Edition database, and strip out the low resolution thumbnails, but I could not offer advice on how to do that. I would just take screen shots and save those as separate files, but they would be of very low quality.