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    Odd transparency in PDF

    posterns Level 1

      So in a publication I just worked on, we had a small color ad that had a type box placed over a scanned image to update some copy that was in the scanned image. The area where we were placing the new type box contained white type (a phone number and address) over 4 color black. Before placing the new type the area was covered by a black box (with same colr mix as underlying area). Then a new text box with the new type was put over that. A press PDF of the ad was made and place into another InDesign doc. Anyway, PDF of original ad and the page it was on in the new InDesign document both looked fine in Acrobat. However, when the final document went to press, the underlying type that was in the original scanned image, which should have been covered by a solid black box, was not showing through --ghosted but visible. I went back to check the ID file to see if there might have been any transparency to the black box that was covering the scan but there was none.


      I then tried to open the PDF in Photoshop and when I zoomed in I could see the ghosted type. Any have any explanation why this might have happened. PDF settings used from ID were the press ready settings.