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    Confused! Which Profile To Use?




      I am an Illustrator beginner but am slowly getting to grips with it all! However I could really do with some advice on something. Basically I am designing invitations to sell online and I am based in the UK, however the majority of my customers will be from the US. What I want to know is which profile should I design my invitations in, Europe General Purpose 2 or North America General Purpose 2?


      Will whichever profile I choose affect the colour output, for example if someone in the US prints out my document and I also print out my document here, will there be much of a difference in the colours?


      I will be sending my customers PDF's & JPEG's which they can either print at home or at a professional printers.


      Also, if someone from the UK does actually buy one of my invitations will the profile I have set affect them differently?


      I just want to make sure that all my customers can print out their invitation and have it look similar to what is on the screen. (I am designing in CYMK and then converting to RGB to demonstrate the invitations online).


      I have looked everywhere online for some kind of help with this, but can't seem to find anything, fngers crossed I have explained this well enough and someone here might be able to give me some advice!


      Many thanks