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    Word justification in InDesign documents


      Hi, I have a question regarding text justification. I have a template from which I import text into a set paragraph style. It is left aligned. However I had to alter the artwork on a different PC and the customer queried why the text looked different. I viewed the PDF and sure enough the text seemed to be force justified, with no or very little word spacing. The text took up the same amount of lines but was scrunched up. I assumed this was a PDF setting but when I opened the InDesign document it was the same. I compared the document settings on the two PCs - one which viewed it fine and one with the problem - but can't see any differences. Both have Windows 7. It is InDesign CS5.5 with the same fonts and paragraph style. The only thing I can adjust manually that creates something similar to expected is within the justification settings for that paragraph style - changing to single line composer has the desired effect. But why would one machine show the text as left aligned and spaced as expected, and another show the same text forced justified and with what appears to be horribly tight word spacing (but isn't!). I've looked at the general InDesign preferences too and the seem the same, all type settings etc. Thanks.