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    Streaming MP4 files with the wrong extension




      I am trying to develop an iphone app that plays videos from a remote embeded server.


      I am new to IOS development and am using Flash Builder to create a mobile flex project. Am getting on quite well with flash builder / flex seems pretty powerfull, however I am stuck on something that i cant seem to get round:


      The files i am trying to stream are MP4 files but not named mp4 instead they have names like



      I cant change the filenames as they are being generated automatically and cant change the mime mappings of the server. If i copy the files and rename them as XYZ0001.MP4 Then the files load fine (so i know they are valid etc) , with the correct file extension i can use any of a numebr of tactics to play them (such as StageWebView).


      I think i need the native video player to think its being passed a file of XYZ0001.MP4 which is really XYZ0001.TJC Anybody have any ideas of how i can get round this , these are my ideas but as new to flex am struggling to get any of them to work


      ideas are:


      Create a file object and somehow pass this to stagewebview

      create a server side proxy and somehow use this to alter the filename

      Alter the header of the file to change the mimetype


      any other ideas also gratefull recieved.


      I am new to this and its driving me round the bend , is what i am trying to do possible, can anybody point me in the right direction ?


      Many Thanks