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    Page Numbers Not Appearing in Data Merge Document?


      Hello, hopefully someone can help. I am pretty new to InDesign but learning a lot.  I am creating a member directory of about 200 pages (about 2800 records merged from .csv to InDesign 6). Everything is working fine with the merge, except generating the page numbers.  I tried adding page number at the bottom of the page to the master BEFORE merging. But if I do that, it greys out the "multiple records per page" option when trying to perform the Data Merge (using "Create merged Document").  So, I tried adding the page number to the A-master AFTER creating the merged document, but the page number is not appearing on any of the pages.  There must be a way to do this, can anyone help?


      (FYI - to generate the auto page numbers, I am going to the Type-Insert Special Character-Markers-Current Page Number, and placing that within a text field at the bottom of the page.  Thanks in advance. )