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    WorkSpace problem

    welchphoto Level 1

      I now have CS6 and it has the same problem all the earlier versions of premiere had no mater what I do every time I open a project it opens in the color corrector workspace. I change it to my custom editing WS or any other default, save the project, close the project close premiere re open and I am back to the color corrector.

      Anyone have a fix?




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          shooternz Level 6

          Do you have  "Import Workspaces from Projects "Checked?

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            welchphoto Level 1

            Yes it is checked

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              welchphoto Level 1

              Just some more information:

              I opened a new project today and it opened in my custom editing workspace. After I had done my import and placed clips on the timeline I changes to the Color correcting WS.

              I finished CC and went back to My Editing WS saved and closed the program.

              I just opened it again and it opened into the color correcting WS.

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                shooternz Level 6

                Uncheck "Import Workspaces from Projects "


                The last used workspace is being saved with your project and you are asking PPRo to open it that way.

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                  welchphoto Level 1


                  I was wrong about the use of that.

                  There must be a bug because even when I saved the project while in my editing WS it still opened into Color Correcting. But today I did as you suggested I unchecked "Import Workspaces from Projects " saved while in my edit WS closed then reopened and it opened in my editing as it should.


                  Thanks Again

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                    SFL46 Level 3

                    Have you by any chance, assigned a different target for MY DOCUMENTS?  I previously had a problem in that my workspaces were not being saved after I quit a session with Premiero Pro.  What I finally realized that Premiere Pro was saving the preferences to the standard target for MY DOCUMENTS rather than the target I had established.  (I wanted all my created files to go to a NAS that backed up the files via RAID.)  The behavior suggested that Premiere Pro had been hardcoded to C:\users\documents etc, etc. 


                    Restoring the default target restored proper Premiere operation. I created a separate NAS folder MYDOCS and manually use that folder in lieu of MY DOCUMENTS