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    create iPhoto's sliding panel effects in Premiere




      Just wonder if there're any efficiency ways to create such sliding panel transition effect in Premiere.

      This sliding panel effect in iPhoto is basically shwoing one picture or more on a screen when they are veiwed as a slideshow.

      When there're more than 1 picture, pictures are placed in recetangle horizontal or vertical panels.


      Instead of pictures, I want to create such sliding panel effect for some of my footage.

      I only use this for my video intro.


      What I did is place my videos on different video tracks. Scale and crop my footage to fit into my

      grid. When a playhead is playing at certain movements, other videos would take over the previous videos.

      If necessary, I make some keyframe for some clips so they appear sliding to the left or right.


      This workflow would work but it's time consuming. The worst part is I can't preview my sequence

      as my render timeline always in red. I could preview only a segment. Or, I export my sequence to

      a movie file so I can see the result.


      Any ideas?