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    Poor Quality Videos in RH10

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      I need to publish some software simulations in RH10 Webhelp, and am having a great deal of difficulty. The only ones that seem to work are the videos I create from scratch in Captivate - these publish as .SWF files.


      I began with an MP4 file, created in Adobe Presenter 8, which I converted in Adobe Media Encoder to FLV and F4V. I selected Maximum Quality in Media Encoder.


      When I launch these video files in other software, they're fine. Resolution is great. As soon as I insert them into Robohelp using the Insert>Multimedia/Demo option, the screen resolution is awful. Preview mode is bad, so whatever happens, happens immediately. Generating doesn't fix anything either.


      The MP4 I inserted doesn't play AT ALL (or at least not for the five minutes I waited), and it didn't display the controls at the bottom. It was just a black rectangle on the page. I even tried uploading the FLV file as a baggage file with a link to it - didn't work. Nothing works.


      I tried converting the files to SWF in two free converters because Encoder doesn't give me that option. I didn't get audio on either one, but the resolution was good. There was another converter I could have paid for that gave me audio, but I'm looking for other solutions in the software I already have.


      I can't insert images of the screenshots to show you - I'm getting an error so something's wrong on the site, I guess.

      How does everyone else get high-resolution videos in Robohelp?



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          namedujour Level 1

          We found the fix. A programmer and I messed around with this for a couple of hours, and hit on the size of the video.  When I converted the file to FLV, the setting in Media Encoder was  1280X720. When I insert the file into Robohelp, the video is much smaller,  so I grabbed the corner and sized it to about 920X700 or so. Don't do that!!

          When I double-clicked the video and displayed the Multimedia dialog, there's a Size button. I clicked it and entered the exact size of the converted video, 1280X720 - and it looks great!