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    Using flex 2.0 charting components with flex 3

      I purchased and installed a flex 2 charting components library so i could use it in my AIR application development. It installed alongside the 3.0 beta visualization components so that I now have two copies of each component in my charts folder. I can't see how to ensure that the right library is used so that the charts actually appear when i run my app. I'd hate to think i just threw away $300 so any help would be greatly appreciated - .
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          Are you using Flex Builder 3? Flex 3.0 beta Data visualization components are available as part of FB 3 only. You can select either 2.0.1 hotfix 3 charts (consists of only charts.swc) or 3.0.0 data visualization (consists of datavisualization.swc). through multiple sdks feature of FB3. For flex 3 beta, flex 2 charting key will work. so if you want to try out new features in charts and new components like Advanced data grid you can switch to 3.0.0 sdk and use same flex 2 charting key to remove watermark from charts.