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    cs6 imports media slower than cs5

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      This post is inspired mostly by this user over on the creativecow forum - http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/1035985#1036017


      After he posted, I got to thinking, is it really that much slower? He and I have similar systems and setup practically identical, yet his media takes upwards of 30-45 seconds before the interface is usable again. My system takes about 4 seonds to import a 2mp jpg, a bit longer for other files, but nothing like this guy. So I opened up AE v10 on my Macbook Pro and watched that same file pop right into the project panel near instantly.


      What's up with slower import times, and how do we fix that? Wait for Adobe Next? I hope that's not the answer, unless it's coming out tomorrow for this guy's sake. It doesn't make sense that his system, nearly identical to mine, takes 10-15 times as long to import a file.


      For reference, I'm running all apps on 240gb Intel SSD, media and projects stored on 3tb 7200rpm internal hdd connected to 6gb/s sata port, with 32gb of HyperX RAM, and Win7.

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          I just remembered Windos can be finicky with Adobe at times if you don't certain apps *cough**Encore**cough* "As Administrator". I can't simply drag files from the windows explorer window over to AE, but importing through the import dialog window is just as fast, if not faster than cs5.


          How about the problem now with not being able to drag from the explorer window? Assuming some kind of Windows function I'm not aware of.

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            Ok, after looking through the permissions check boxes and making sure the user account has full control, etc, still can't get files from the Explorer window to import as fast as using the import dialog box, which is really clunky, but oh well, it gets files in faster and it works. So new work flow habbit if you're experiencing slow imports on your files from dragging them from the Explorer window into the AE project panel - USE import dialog box.


            Back to work...