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    Why does inbooklet generate multiple page size errors?


      We have Adobe InDesign multiple page documents from different users and myself in our University lab and try to impose using InBooklet (as we have forever). Get multipe page size errors. No multiple page sizes to be found, and are having to use all kinds of ridiculous work-arounds like cutting and pasting pages into a new document in order to get it to work. (great for 8 pages - not so great for 200) If it was one or two people I might believe that users were the problem, but this continues to happen over and over with different users. No solution from Adobe, and in fact just spent the better part of three hours getting the run around only to be told I would have to pay if I wanted to know the solution. Honestly, if I thought they had an answer at support I might just pay...but after the way our conversation went I am pretty sure the person I had on the phone did not have an answer for anything.