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    Random frame at end of every clip in timeline.


      Hello, I'm running Premiere Pro CS6 and having a serious problem. I'll try to explain it as basic as I can as it's kind of complicated. Say I bring in a clip of just red solid color and cut that clip into 5 separate clips. And then I bring in a clip of just green solid color into the time line. If I then play it, for some reason the very last single frame of all the red clips will be the green clip. So playing it would look like red clip > single frame of green > red clip > single frame of green ect. It also mysteriously pops up even where there are no clips as seen in the attached photo. I cut an entire video with out having this problem then went back to make changes and it popped up once. Now the second video I just began cutting it has been rampant since the beginning. It is there so much I am unable to cut. The single frame seems to embed itself into the other clips and even if the original clip is shortened or lengthened it stays at the end. I have tried deleting render area, moving clips, restarting ect. Any help would be great, thanks.


      BTW It's MTS footage from a Sony FS100 on a 2012 MBP with Premiere CS6.0



      As you can see there are no clips where the play head is at, yet this single frame still shows up. It also shows up at the end of each of the clips when played in the timeline.