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    Master Page Content Boxes – Adjusting?

    EGParadigm Level 1

      I thought I understood how to use content boxes on master pages, but I think I may have been wrong!


      I have set up master pages, for example one right hand page has a square frame. I then drag and place an image in each of the boxes in the main document pages.


      However, having then attempted to change the master page, moving or resizing the box on the master is not reflected in the dependent pages within the main document.


      (From reading the help pages, I believe this might be because I have overridden it?)


      I am part way through creating a document and I realise now that I want to change the page size. Having already added content, I want to be able to reposition all of the main document's image boxes.


      Apologies for being ill informed about InDesign. I suspect more preparation would have seen me through here.