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    After effects CS6 - MP4 files


      I have problems with all of the .mp4 files I'am working with. Firstly, when using them in composition, can't get audio preview. But what is more frustrating is that when I close AE and reopen the project I am working on, it simply says : "After Effects warning: 4 files are missing since you last saved project". Of course all of those 4 files are .mp4 and I haven't moved or renamed any of them. All other media files(.mp3, .avi, .jpg) remain intact. I even tried right click->Replace Footage->File... and when I choose that same source file I get another error message saying:


      I tried following:

           -replace footage

           -moving source .mp4 files to various locations, including C:\Videos\

           -importing the same files, from the very same location (it worked but just until I reopened AE)


      I don't have much experience in AE, been using it for few months so my apologies if it is usual error.


      Windows 7 Ultimate(x64)

      AMD Phenom IIx6;8GB DDR3

      After Effects