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    I just installed JCE on my new CF10 and now can't login to administrator, what am I doing wrong?


      I have CF 10,284568 installed on SUSe 12.2 with Java 1.7.0_15  64bit.  When I swap out the two JCE files, restart Coldfusion, I can no longer login to the Administrator.  To be more specific, it appears session management isn't working.  If I login using a bad username/password pair I get an error, if I login with the correct pair I get returned to the login screen without any error.  Additionally, none of my datasources work (MySQL ).  If I swap out the original (local policy and  US export policy jars) and restart everything works fine.


      What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to run something in the CF bin or reinstall to get this to work?