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    No video playback in premiere CS6 trial




      I am trying to use the Adobe Premiere CS6 trial on my laptop but I can't get the video playback to display at all. There is audio playback, just no video. I can get a paused frame to show if I double-click on the playback area but pressing play does not make the video play, only the audio. Stopping the playback displays the latest current frame again.


      My laptop's specs are as follows:


      • Toshiba notebook
      • Intel i7 2.40GHz
      • 8gb RAM
      • 500+ gb free space
      • Windows 8 64
      • Latest Intel display drivers installed


      The video files I am importing in my sequence are .mov files, 1920x1088 @ 23 FPS.


      Any help will be appreciated!


      Thanks for your time,


      - Benjamin