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    Can't install Flash Player 11.7.700.169 on Mac OS 10.7 Lion


      I have been trying for days to upgrade Flash Player on my Mac (Mac OS 10.7.5, Safari 6.0.4, current Flash Player version 11.6.602.180), but each time that I download the installer and run it, there is a "General installation error" soon after starting the "Installing" phase.


      Each time, the installer completes the "Creating Install" and "Downloading" phases, but soon after starting the "Installing" phase, an error occurs "Error: General installation error" and Safari is opened to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/completion/aih/?exitcode=30&type=install&appid=500


      Is it unusual for another "Install Adobe Flash Player" app to open?  When the "Installing" phase begins, a second flash installer box icon appears in the dock, but then closes immediately and then the first installer shows the "Error: General installation error" page.


      Is there an error log that might reveal the cause of this problem?