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    Total frustration

    Ajberky026 Level 1

      where do I go to contact the highest level of support regarding an ongoing issue for more than 1 week and 10+ hours of phone contact and waiting?

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What's the issue? Maybe the forum can help.

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            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

            Ajberky026 I am sorry you have been facing difficulties with your Adobe software.  Do you have a case number which I can reference from your interaction with our support team?


            In addition as John pointed out you are welcome to post the details of the difficulties you are facing.

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              Ajberky026 Level 1

              case no 0184217926


              I spent less than 30 minutes with a member of the Apple support team at an Apple store Genius Bar to resolve the issue, then went home and spent less than 30 minutes to set up my Apple Mac Mini to the specifications I originally desired. 

              I am certainly sorry that the Adobe support team spent many hours reviewing and repeating the steps that it took to get me nowhere and I am upset and was frustrated by the amount of time I had to spend reconfiguring, sharing, re-downloading, and waiting for the support team that got me nowhere. 

              But mostly I am disturbed and a bit angry that the support team never followed through on their promises to call me at the times that were appointed for me [3 different times] and at the final telephone meeting when it was decided that my situation must be an Apple software issue and I was promised an email immediately after this hour-long reconfiguring and conversation, that failed to happen at all. 

              My guess is that I spent more than 6 hours on the phone, another number of hours waiting for callbacks, and more hours on my own reconfiguring and sharing information and backing up my data, was disappointed 4 times by the Adobe support team, as I had to call in and wait for the team members to review and still not solve my problems, and finally had to drive nearly 80 miles and spend more hours at the Apple Store in order to resolve the issue. 

              Even this brief recounting has taken my time.  Even if I love the Adobe products and will continue my subscription for now, I am completely disappointed with the support.  On a number of occasions I asked to speak to a non-technical member of the support staff to register my upset, and was rebuffed until the last session when it was suggested that I wait for the manager of the team to speak my case, but I asked the technician to report to that manager in my stead and have him/her get back to me in the email that never came. 

              So, I am hoping that someone really reads this note and responds, though I do not expect that it will be to my satisfaction.

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Ajberky026 do you have any details regarding what steps Apple performed to resolve your difficulties.  I reviewed your previous interaction and it appears that you were facing download issues with the Adobe Application Manager.  In addition the case notes indicated that it was working properly within a different User account is this correct as well?


                I am happy to provide feedback to the support agents and supervisors you have interacted with but I would like to be able to provide additional details on what final resolution was reached first.

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                  Ajberky026 Level 1


                  As far as I could follow, after I described my plight, the 'genius bar' rep worked some magic on restoring my libraries and changed my original libraries to '.old'.  I then could use the download capabilities of creative cloud on my original supervisor account and I then eliminated the second supervisor account, added the shortcuts to the adobe programs I had already downloaded to my dock and I was back to where I wanted to be.  Then I wrote my diatribe and sent it to this forum and to: 'dltechsupport@adobe.com' and to www.adobe.com/go/supportportal.  Thereby hangs a tale.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    Ok thank you.  I believe you were facing some permission issues with your User account.  It may have been possible to have resolved your previous difficulties by moving the /Users/<UserName>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/ folder.  Difficult to say though as your entire library folder was actually archived instead.  Perhaps bookmark this discussion in case you face the same difficulties again.


                    The user specific difficulties which you are experiencing can be a bit more difficult though to diagnose.  I will go ahead and provide feedback to the agents and supervisors involved though tomorrow and again I am sorry for the difficulties which you have faced.

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                      Ajberky026 Level 1


                      Thanks for your interest and I would certainly appreciate if my concerns were answered in a way that was different from the constant 'I'm sorry that there was....' incantation I received from every tech supporter from adobe, and, please forgive me from mentioning that even you have used that quote in your last post.



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                        Ajberky026 Level 1

                        As further information, today is Tuesday, April 30, 2013.  My last contact with Adobe was on Friday, April 26, 2013. and I sent the information about my wonderful resolving of the issues [with Apple's support] to the Adobe tech support in the same lengthly email I posted on Saturday, April 27, 2013. 

                        So I get a call at my home from 'Pete' or 'Prete' at Adobe noting my email and asking me to call back - but left no direct number, rather the Adobe line I have called in the past.  So I call, am told to expect a call-back in 46 to 61 minutes.  When I do get the call-back in about 40 minutes I listen to canned music for anothet 11 minutes, tell the kindly Indian man that I am returning a call from [lets call him] 'Pete' and he does not quite understand and puts me on hold while he 'looks' for 'Pete'.   4 minutes later he explains that 'Pete' has left for the day and will gladly call me back tomorrow.  I tell him my cell and that I would expect a call at 4 PM EST.  He assures me that he will have 'Pete" call, with many sorrys and sirs and repeating my number [that he got wrong initially]. 

                        I tell you, this is a grand joke perpetrated on an uninformed consumer.  Imagine if I did not have the wherewithall to accomplish the task set before me by my persistent calling and questioning?  I would not be surprised if this one instance of tech support fiasco represented a trend that turned off enough customers that Adobe would be floundeing.  I checked the chart on Adobe and the high was in 2007 and only started to increae to its recent high at 45 in the last few months. I'd say that the investors are not especially pleased with the business, and certainly as a customer I am not.   

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                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                          Alan my understanding was that you were able to resolve your previous difficulties by renaming your User library folder.  Did you restore the old library folder?