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      I'm using an HTTPService and was wondering what is the best way to handle the problem if it can't connect to the server? Any help or sample code appreciated.


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          atta707 Level 2
          look at the fault event of HTTPSerive class.

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6
            This topic may be of particular interest:
            Handling result and fault events

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              bitwyse Level 1

              I use web services a lot. I have found a couple ways to do what your trying to do. The easiest way would be to declare a result handler and fault handler in the web service declaration. Here is some sample mxml code :
              <mx:WebService id="wsSomeWebServiceID"
              wsdl=" http://yourhost.domain.com/pathtoyourwsdl?wsdl"
              useProxy = "false"
              showBusyCursor = "true"
              fault="yourFaultHandler()" result="yourResultHandler()">
              <mx:operation name="yourWebServiceMethod()" >

              In your script code you will define the two handlers. In your handers you can grab the data as needed. Typically using the lastResult of the web service . method. For example. wsSomeWebServiceID.yourWebServiceMethod.lastResult......

              You can do all of this in Action Script as well. I don't have any short examples of this to show you as all my Action Script code is in the Cairngorm framework.

              Hope this helps.