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    E-mail Notifications (Option to exclude empty fields)


      Currently under the E-mail Receipts section in Adobe FormsCentral, there are two options for:


      1. Include Submitted Data

      2. Include Empty Fields


      Unfortunately the E-mail Notifications section only includes the following options:


      1. Notify me via e-mail when notifications are received.

      2. Include a summary of the response data in the email.


      There is no option to either include or exclude empty fields, we get the entire summary report regardless if the person only filled out the required fields, all the extra form fields are included in the summary, which makes it much more difficult to pick through the information, especially when you're using a lot of skip logic fields for different sections of your form.


      I would like to know if Adobe plans on releasing an option to either select or deselect "include empty fields" in E-mail notifications. I think it is as important for us to have it as it is our users.