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    Is PE10 being intentionally disabled by Adobe?


      I hope there's another answer, but after more than an hour of chatting w/ customer service overseas and seaching this forum, I haven't find one.  


      When I bought Premiere Elements 10 late last summer, it was the newest version available.  Today, I tried to to create a DVD.  When I attempt to choose a menu theme, the software asks me to log in.  (Why, I don't know.)   But the login does not work. Tried password resets, but it does not matter.   The software is requiring me to log into photoshop.com which has been discontinued.   So I am unable to use basic DVD creation features of the software.  After the log-in failure, I am back to square one, trying to create a disk menu, but again being required to log in.


      (BTW, I can log into adobe.com and revele, but the PE10 is tied to photoshop.com.)


      Customer support tells me that the version I installed just last fall is not longer supported and the only answer is to buy the new version. 


      I hope this wrong and someone here can offer a solution or a workaround. 


      Otherwise, I am left to conclude that Adobe has intentionally disabled relatively new -- and otherwise working -- software to force me to buy a new version.   Which doesn't sit well with me because, right now, I am a very unhappy Adobe customer. 


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no reason you should not be able to use any previous version of the program. In fact, many people on this forum are.


          Photoshop.com is being taken down. But that should have no effect on your Adobe login or the functionality of Premiere Elements.

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            mschubb Level 1

            Let me try to explain better.  I am not trying to log into photoshop.com or adobe.  I have no reason to do so.   But when I try to select a menu template for a DVD, PE10 pops open a login box for Photoshop.com which doesn't work and cannot be fixed.


            I can't create the disk menu because PE10 cannot sign in.  It will not let me select the template without opening the login box.  When the login box fails and is closed, I am back to where I started.


            Is there a fix or a workaround for this?  Customer service said the fix was to buy PE11.


            (Maybe I should also add that I am an not a beginner. I started with Premiere Elements 3 a long time ago and I use CS6 Production Suite for professional projects.  I like PE10 for putting together a quick slideshow... seems like I should be able to easily burn a disk of the project.)



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I typically write "The answers are in the details." And, I think that is especially true in the case in the issue that you are presenting. More details are needed here. But I suspect I know the answer which does not come with a workaround but does have alternatives to DVD Template selection.


              Is your problem with Premiere Elements 10 (assumed Windows) ONLY in the selection of a DVD Template for your burn to disc projects? If so, what specific DVD Template are you selecting?


              Versions of Premiere Elements earlier than version 11 included some DVD Templates classed as "Plus Members Only" which the user had to pay for via the photoshop.com plus membership. I am guessing that you are selecting one of the "Plus Members Only". If I click on one of these today in my Premiere Elements 10 Windows, I will indeed be greeted by a series of dialogs relating to "Upgrade to Plus". Is that what you are seeing? I tried to carry the dialogs as far as I could but stopped short of seeing if I was ordering something (I hope.)


              When Premiere Elements 11 was released (no longer with the photoshop.com tie in) many of the "Plus Members Only" DVD Templates of earlier versions seemed to be included "free" along with the typical "free" ones that came as part of the program. So, if you are so fixed on a specific photoshop.com plus Premiere Element 10 DVD Template, then the answer would be to upgrade to version 11 or create your own DVD Template in Photoshop CS or higher. I have written about how to do that as well as modify/customize existing DVD Templates.


              We will be watching for your follow up to obtain clarification of your problem. Please let us know if I have misinterpreted your problem.


              I currently have on Windows 7 64 bit: Premiere Elements 4, 7, 8.0/8.0.1, 9.0/9.0.1, 10, and 11 so I can give you first hand information that Adobe has not discontinued/disabled versions earlier than 11. All these programs are working well on this computer, but I run only one at a time.




              Note to SG...I do not think that mschubb is talking about "Adobe login or functionality of Premiere Elements". But, let us see.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                It looks like we were posting simulaneously. I did not see your post until after I had hit the Post button on mine.


                Important question...if you select one of the DVD Templates that is not the Plus Members Only type, do you have the problem?


                If yes, then we need to do some appropriate troubleshooting since you should NOT have to upgrade to Premiere Elements 11 for what you are describing.



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                  mschubb Level 1

                  Thanks.  Your reply is helpful. 


                  After reading your post, I find that one of the templates will work, while all the others seem to be "plus" templates.  


                  So problem solved.  (Except that now I have a choice of only one goofy-looking template instead of 12. )


                  Thank again for your help.





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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up.


                    Just in case, I write...did you install all of the Content for Premiere Elements 10 Windows. If you are working from an installation disc, you should have used Disc 4 of 5 (based on my Photoshop Elements 10/Premiere Elements 10 bundled packaging). If you purchased online, there is a link from which you can download Content. The Content on Disc 4 of 5 will include the Templates for the discs, movie themes, title templates, music, and such for Premiere Elements 10. They should be free (that is, come with the program).


                    The Adobe download link for the Premiere Elements 10 Content is



                    There are a lot of templates there.





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                      mschubb Level 1

                      Just downloaded free templates from Adobe site. 


                      I'm really suprised this couldn't get figured out during a 45 minute chat w/ Adobe Premiere Elements support.  


                      Thanks for getting cleared up in a few minutes.