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    How can I control unwanted page breaks in exported .pdf files?


      I am building a form that, for a variety of reasons, must be available offline.  Unfortunately, the .pdf export is introducing a page break on the 3rd page that leaves 80% of the page empty.  The next element after the page break is a small text field which would easily fit on the preceding page.  I have _not_ put any page breaks into this document, so the editor is following its default behavior regarding page breaks.  Is there any way to tell the editor not to break at a given spot?


      Also, in terms of a more general feature request, it would be very nice if there was a more intelligent method of handling pagination.  I understand why (in a separate spot on the same form) the editor is pushing a large form element to the next page (since it won't fit on the previous one), but I would much rather have the option of splitting a large rating scale instrument so that the first half fills one page and the final half (with headings repeated) begins the second page.  All of this empty space just looks tacky, and I can't imagine anyone actually wanting the default behavior if it would leave more than a few lines of empty space at the bottom of a page.






      P.S. Sorry for the jumbled username; the first 20 or so I tried were taken.