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    Download Scripting Errors---Again


      Once again when I attempted to install the latest Flash patch I received a "scripting error" that prevents installation of the download. And there's still no selection in the troubleshooting questions to indicate what to do when this occurs. This needs to be corrected. The last time this happened I posted here and was told it's a problem with the downloader from the site linked to the notification message. But I had to come here to find that out and get a link to an alternate site. That's just wrong. If you're going to continue to release patches like this then put a topic in the Troubleshooter entitled, "What do I do if I receive a Scripting Error message" with a big red link to the site that actually DOES work. Releasing problem patches increases forum traffic and makes it more difficult for home users to receive the needed updates in a timely manner. So quit doing it please.


      Win XP

      Browser IE 8 (No I will not be switching to a newer browser for my older computer)


      I found some info while trying to troubleshoot the problem that indicates I might be able to update my Flash by updating XP patches through the Microsoft site. The problem with this is that if Windows Automatic Updates are turned ON, there's no way to stop them downloading at will which can and has caused problems while running other applications. And if this happens, which it has,  I wasn't able to find a way to stop the Microsoft download and restart it later. It keeps forcefeeding at will. And the only workaround for that is to turn off Auto Updates. So with Automatic Windows Updates turned off there's no way to know that a Flash update is available and necessary.


      So play nice. Just fix the freakin patch so it works when I receive the notification. Problem solved. If not, then expect to keep hearing my pain every time I have to fight with your downloads. Geez I hate Adobe!

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          pwillener Level 8

          I would love to experience this scripting error just once, so I could do a little debugging - find out what is causing it.


          But I've never seen that error, so there is nothing I can do about it.  (Mind you, I am not Adobe staff.)


          Could you describe to me what exactly you are doing to get to that scripting error?

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            Tigerflower1 Level 1

            Thanks for your response Pat.


            My system periodically checks for new Adobe Flash updates. When it finds one available a pop-up appears prompting me to install the update. When I clicked the Install button, it started the download but was interrupted by a new pop-up saying Scripting Error and giving an error message. There's been at least two different scripting error messages previously that I documented on my thread the last time this happened. (This latest error references some bit of code not found but sorry I was too pissed to document again)


            Last time for a workaround, I was directed to an alternate download site where the error did not occur. So apparently it's a problem with trying to download from the site linked via the patch message. This time, trying to download from the alternate site link that I finally located in the troubleshooting info resulted in the download stopping and telling me to close Internet Explorer before continuing. I did this but am still not sure if the download completed as there was no Done message as normally occurs after an installation. Since the download was started by the link on the IE page it's impossible to avoid having the browser open and still click the download. Why this didn't occur to the designers I'm unsure. This was the first time this had ever happened while attempting to download a Flash update.


            I'm just throughly sick of documenting, troubleshooting and otherwise dealing with Flash player issues that eat up my time. This has been ongoing.  I didn't sign up to help beta test this product and if it wasn't integral to so many sites I would choose not to use Adobe's software at all. I've let Customer Service at both Hulu and Netflix (their player works great!)know of the streaming and memory issues associated with my use of Flash player and Flash thumbnails. World of Warcraft patches with fewer issues than Flash player does. Adobe really needs to hear this from the frustrated consumers dealing with their products. Silverlight me anytime please.

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              pwillener Level 8

              Thank you for the detailed description.  Maybe I have never experienced that problem because I never wait for the Flash Player updater, but update manually immediately when a new FP version becomes available.


              So the next time an update becomes available I will wait for the updater to kick in.