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    Trouble with Buttons...

    Garrett Cobarr

      I am using version ID CS5 (version 7.0.4 on Snow Leopard. Running PDf in Adobe Reader 9 (version 9.5.2)


      In the past I used to develop interactive PDFs but I relied on mostly on Acrobat for the interactive scripting stage, so JavaScript ho. I've used the interactive elements within InDesign in the past but I do nto remember having this much trouble.


      When I export to PDF nothing works, nothing. I've tried every imaginable test but nothing appears to be or acts like a button. I saving into various compatibility versions: 6, 7 and 8/9. On export I am using on Interactive Elements -Include Apearance.


      One of my first clues that something is wrong is that cursor is not changing when I roll over an object that should be a button. No actions are working.


      I've not used the interactive features of InDesign throguh several versions, has something drastic changed? Am I overlooking something really obvious or is this a bug?


      Trying to make a simulation mockup. So frustrating and not much time.


      Thank you for any help.