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    From FullHD to SD

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      I find myself in the situation where I recorded a video as PAL AVCHD Full HD 1080i 25 (16:9) but have to create a standard DVD-R 4.7GB still PAL Widescreen 16:9 25fps ... I also have to find a quick solution as I have to release a DVD project soon.


      Untill few days ago, I was not aware that a regular DVD would reach up to 720x576px

      Reading on the Internet I found this article on Adobe but being a Pr Pro forum I do not know if what they suggest can be applied to PrE and also it seems quite complicated to do.

      So, I decided to ask the question here as being more appropriate.


      [Question 1] I run PrE 11 and wish to know what do I have to do in order to go from FullHD to SD for creating a standard DVD-R 4.7GB still PAL Widescreen 16:9 25fps video.

      [Question 2] I wish to know if I can continue working on my existing video project set being set as PAL AVCHD Full HD 1080i 25 (16:9) or if I have to start a new project as PAL Widescreen (which will be 720x576). If so, I wish to know if I can save the portion of the TimeLine of the video still in FullHD (to preserver quality) and than impot it into the new project.


      Thinking over this issue I still believe that if a user needs to have the Master video in FullHD, because he/she needs to produce the video in different resolutions or media, it is correct to record in FullHD.

      Perhaps where I made the mistake is the type of project I selected in PrE when creating a new one.


      [Question 3] But even if I made a mistake in the selection of the adeguate project if I wish to avoid editing the same project with the same edits several times can I still base all my editing on the Master project (set as PAL AVCHD Full HD 16:9) and than export it in FullHD MPEG or even better AVCHD M2T or MP4. Than create a new PAL Widescreen 16:9 25fps project and import the exported video? Will I be able to preserve video quality?


      Thank you,


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          VDOSurfer Level 3

          1. You can create a PAL Widescreen DVD. That will maintain the aspect ratio. There is another option called AVCHD to DVD. Here a Full HD video can be burnt to disc in a higher quality (read: Bitrate). This is available in Share -> Disc option. But the limitation is that only a Blu Ray player will be able to play this AVCHD DVD. So this option could be academic for you.

          2. You can continue working with the Full HD project. If you create a PAL DV Widescreen project, the clip quality will be compromised. It is always best to keep the project as close as possible to the clip, or even better, match them!

          3. If you import a Full HD content in a (forcefully selected) PAL DV project setting, the quality will be compromised. PrE11 does ensure that we do not make a mistake of selecting a wrong project preset if

               3a. You import the video clip directly into PrE

               3b. If all imported clips are of the same settings

               3c. If the clip properties fall within one of its (multiple and very useful) project presets


          You seem to have done the right thing by recording in Full HD, and not manually over-riding the preset selection done by PrE11. The quality is preserved thus far. Let us know how burn goes.

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            SAngeli Level 1


            I appreciate you took your time to reply to me. Indeed I do need proper help and people assisting me. Thanks!


            Few concepts I have I have in mind I wish to discuss with you to see where I make mistakes and where I can proceed.

            1. If my Master soruce is Full HD for as long as I properly se the PrE project to match the Aspect Ration I can edit the video and than Save it/Share it as FullHD AVCHD M2T or MP4. Do you confirm me this? Which of the two video formatshould I choose from (M2T or MP4)?

            1a. I know that my current Master video recording is 9GB in size and here is its native specs. I would assume that PrE when Sharing it as FullHD AVCHD it would be in the same range of MB. I fear that the size of the file could be huge and eat my disc space. Any idea on this?


            2. I have been reading on the Internet that there are a lot of software (free and pay) that would convert video from HD to SD. I also read that PrE and PrE Pro do not have a good reputation in converting these videos. Would it be a good idea to first convert the video from HD to SD with a good software and than use this converted video to work on the PAL SD project? This in order to preserve vidoe quality and not get the video distorted in its PAR? Or instead this is not the case and I can safely just add the native or edited but still HD video in my PAL SD project and will not have quality issues?


            3. I think of video pixel size the same as for a picture. So, I assume 16:9 FullHD would have the equivalent in a picture of 1920x1080px, correct?

            So I go into Photoshop EL and create a new empty image with the size of 1920x1080px. I than draw something inside and save.

            Than I go int Image and Resize and make sure Keep proportion" is enable so that when I type either the width or the lenght it automatically presents me with the other value. When I type 720 it gives me 405 rather than 576 as for what I was aiming to.

            What is wrong? Why is Photoshop EL does not give me the correct equivalent of a 25fps, interlaced 50Hz DVD resolution of 720x576px? Do I have to look for a specific setting to let Photoshop EL know that I wish to manipulate this file for the video? What is the pixel size for DVD PAL Widescreen 16:9 and for DVD PAL 4:3 (at max DVD resolution)?


            I ask question 3 also because I have some very nice and quality pictures that I wish to include in my video PAL Widescreen but their size is way bigger than 720x576 and I was adivsed to resize them with Photoshop EL before adding them to the project. But, I do not know what values to insert when scaling down the picture.


            Lastly, as for dpi in Photoshop EL do I have to live 300dpi or can I lower to 72dpi? What is the correct amount of dpi for a DVD video at max resolution?


            Thank you,


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The question we always ask when someone wants to output a video is what do you plan to do with the video once you output it?


              Do you plan to use it in another project? Produce a DVD? A BluRay? Share it online? Share it to a site like Vimeo or YouTube? Play it on a smartphone or iPad?


              There are optimal Publish & Share options for each. Once we know how you plan to share your video, it's easy to recommend your best Publish & Share option.

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                SAngeli Level 1

                Sorry, I though I stated it when I opened this thread.


                First project ever is to produce a DVD-R 4.7GB single side to be plaied on PAL TV (any kind of TV either being Wide-Screen, traditional TV, Flat Screen). I wish to have the project set in 16:9 for two reasons: first because this is how the video was recorded (you can see from the specs I included above) second because most of nowadays TV are widescreen. This is what I have to focus on.

                But my material is both video and pictures and Titles. So, I have to master how to get all of these in the video properly. Pictures usually have this info: 4608x3072 300dpi and this current video is as above explained.


                Second wish is to be able to produce the same video for computer or Internet view. So, here I can either share it as .f4v and let it play with a Flash Player or produce a regular HD format video to be played on the PC.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  In  both cases, make sure to resize our photos to no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size. This is vital.




                  1) To create a DVD, use Publish & Share/Disc/DVD.


                  2) As for your video for the internet, it depends on where on the internet you're going to publish it. As I said, the settings for creating a video for YouTube or Vimeo are very different than if you are creating a video to share from your own web site.

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                    SAngeli Level 1



                    I apologize for this question but would it be possible to have all the questions (in brown color) answered? I need to have answers to all those questions in order to have a real understanding and to progress with the creation of the video and for further projects.


                    This way based on your replies I know what to do with Photoshop and with PrE 11.

                    As to your reply I know how to create a DVD. Rather I need those answers, if possible.


                    Thank you again for your understanding.


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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      DPI doesn't matter when you're creating graphics or photos for video. You can use 72 dpi, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is the total measurement, in pixels, of the photo itself: 2000x1500.


                      That should be enough to get your start, Spiro. Just follow what VDO and I have recommended and you'll be fine.

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                        SAngeli Level 1

                        I will read through all this thread and try to implement what was suggested but I do not understand why I am unable to obtain answers to my questions marked in brown color.

                        I do believe are valid questions. If I do not get those answers I will still remain with doubts. Now, either you do not know the answer or there is no answer at all. But wish to hear this. Please, see what you can do.


                        Thank you,


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                          Spiro I'll try and address the issues you raised in your three paragraphs containing the brown questions.


                          1. When you create your project with the full HD video clips and stills, a Project File with the extension .prel is created. This stores links to all your imported video clips and stills and also contains a record of all the editing instructions you used when editing your project. This is effectively your master file and this is what you save for later use. You can open it up at any time and do further editing or Sharing. There is no need to Share the project as a full HD video upon completion of editing. Just Save the Project File. The .prel file is relatively small as it contains no actual video.


                          2. There is no need to convert your video to SD before editing to create a DVD or whatever else you want to share, nor is it advisable. Simply edit the full HD footage in a Project with matching Project Setting. You then Share this in whatever format you want at any time. I don't think I'd agree that Adobe has inferior video format converters.


                          3. It depends on the aspect ratio of the still photos. When resizing, just make sure they are no bigger than about 1920 wide or 1080 high. Premiere Elements will display them with black bars at the top/bottom or sides if the aspect ratio of the photos does not match 16:9.