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    Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Could more people with lesser computers please add there scores to the list so that I am not so near the bottom!!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Out of curiosity, I wanted to check your results with the PPBM5 benchmark, but none were found. Did I overlook something?

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            Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Not sure I ever did it.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I checked on your e-mail address and your IP address but did not find an entry. Also looking at your system specs, i7-930 with 24 GB 1066 memory and GTX 660 Ti did not turn up anything in the PPBM5 database.

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                RjL190365 Level 5

                To answer that question, Richard:


                Give it some more time. Most people with lesser-specced PCs likely did not bother to run the PPBM6 benchmark test suite at all because they did not want to wait such a long time for the tests to complete. In addition, I have added a rule that MPE GPU acceleration is required (CUDA only for CS6; CUDA or OpenCL for the forthcoming next release of Premiere Pro) in order to submit any results for PPBM6. Otherwise, those whose systems are permanently stuck with software-only MPE cannot have their RPI (Relative Performance Index) scores accurately determined (for example, if the results from Harm's Monster were submitted with MPE software-only results, that system's RPI would have ranked lower than all but the Sony VAIO laptop on the list). Besides, the VB script that comes with PPBM6 will not run at all (it will return an error instead) without separate MPE On and MPE Off results.

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                  Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Isn't it strange how competitive you get, human nature I suppose. When you build your own PC you always want it to be good, I don't think I (or perhaps anyone) will ever beat Harm's- they don't make Crays any more.