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    Premiere hangs randomly when loading media from Canon 5D Mark III


      Premiere 5.5.0 hangs when loading media. When I drag like 20 files from explorer to Premiere, it loads some files, but at a random point it stops loading and freezes. I loaded every file manually by using ctrl-I within Premiere and saving regularly. After loading a random number of files (anywhere between 1 and 7) it freezes. I managed to get all the files into the project. Now when I try to open the project, it freezes randomly while loading the media. I copied the project and when I open the new one, it opens normal and asks where the media is. When I locate it... same problem, anywhere during loading it might freeze. When I cancel it, I can manually link every media file back, with the random risk of freezing.

      I reinstalled Quicktime without any improvement.

      I reinstalled Premiere without improvement.

      In old projects sometimes random media-files are not linked. Sometimes I can link them succefully. Sometimes it freezes when I try to link them.

      As far as I can tell this only happens to .mov files and not other types of media-files.


      Sometimes when I have been working on a project succesfully, Premiere still freezes when I close it.




      I found out that this only concerned movies from my Canon 5d Mark III. I searched if other people had the same problem and found this thread: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/923736

      The solution is to rename the extensions from .mov into .mpg.

      This solves the issue...