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    Is there any way to launch a script or to automatize a task outside photoshop?



      the title may not be precise, but i don't really know how to sum up my need in one sentence.

      One of my customer want to create a system to traduce easily his media, originally built with photoshop.

      Thus, he is searching a way to take a PSD file, extract the text content, make it traduced by a professional , then reintegrate it in the PSD.

      I know there is some script you can launch on photoshop to export/import text data, but is there any way i can do it outside photoshop, so we can automatize it from a web platform? (i.e uploading the PSD file on a platform, extracting automatically the text and make it available through a traduction form, then modifying the PSD file with traduced text)

      I heard that, in the past, Adobe was proposing "Altercast"  or graphics server offer to do so, but it seems that they are no more available.


      Thanks a lot, and sorry for my poor english :b