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    swf file in android




      i am developing air app for ANDROID


      i am using swfloader to load swf file


      swf not stopping at the end and it is looping


      the same is working in the android web browser


      any suggesstions



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          arjunender Level 1

          help please

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            arjunender Level 1

            any suggestions



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              fB3 Level 2

              Rather than trying to rely on external swf timeline

              you could create a bridge to communicate with the externally loaded swf from the main application and control it programmatically.


              // set up a variable to communicate with

              public var loadedSWFMainTimeline:MovieClip;


              //add a function to initialize and communicate with the swf

              public function onSWFCompleted(event:Event):void


                   loadedSWFMainTimeline = mySWF.content;


                   //call some function to reset or control something.


                   //or maybe direct it to a frame

                   loadedSWFMainTimeline5.gotoAndStop( 1 );




              <mx:SWFLoader id="mySWF" complete="onSWFCompleted(event);" source="/assets/mySWF.swf" trustContent="true" autoLoad="true"/>



              You can now control fuctionality in the external swf.

              This will work in a browser or compiled app.