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    Problems watching videos


      I have a problem with Flash Player. My PC has it installed. If I view certain web sites where Flash is required I only get audio and no video. So I go to Control Panel and uninstall Flash Player. I go back to same website that now tells me that I cannot view media because I do not have the Flash Player installed. There is a link here that takes me to the Adobe download centre where I can install the latest version which I do. I get a message telling me that I have successfully downloaded Flash Player so I go back to the website. No longer is the message there saying cannot display media but all I get is audio but no video. Problems also occur when viewing Google Maps when I go into street view mode the screen just goes black.  I am running Windows 7 with preferred browser being IE8 though I recently updated this to IE9 only to fiind out that a certain application is not supported on IE9 so I rolled it back to IE8. Could that be the problem?? Anyone got any ideas??