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    Passing an element within an element to a web service

      This web service consumes invoice data all at once. The line item details are an element within the main element being passed to the web service. When I look at the request SOAP none of the line item detail is there. I am using cfscript to create and popluate the line items

      myPC3LineItem = ArrayNew(1);
      myPC3LineItem[1] = createObject("java","net.paymentech.ws.PC3LineItem");
      myPC3LineItem[1].setpCard3DtlIndex(JavaCast("string", "1"));
      myPC3LineItem[1].setpCard3DtlDesc(JavaCast("string", "LINE ITEM ONE DETAIL"));

      to create my main container

      myNewOrder = createObject("java","net.paymentech.ws.NewOrderRequestElement");

      and then to add the line items

      myNewOrder.setPCard3LineItems(JavaCast("net.paymentech.ws.PC3LineItem[ ]", myPC3LineItem));

      Anyone see something I am doing wrong or have a suggestion?